Hey, I'm Renan!

A brazilian dude who crafts beautiful websites


Some recent projects


SCDM Mining Rights Control System

Mining Rights Control System for a Geology Company track their mining sites, locations, licences and reports. HTML / CSS, jQuery and integration with PHP backend.


SCC Contract Control System

Contracts Control System for a Mining Company organize and archive their contracts. HTML / CSS and integration with PHP/MySQL backend.

S.O.T. Personal Website

Website created to showcase a Thrash Metal band. News section, photo and video galleries and more. Developed with HTML/CSS and PHP.

Anna Karina Personal Website

Personal website for a Researcher / Photographer. Currently offline. HTML/SASS/JS.

CN Cartoon Network Mockup

For study purpose. Mockup of a redesign on the Cartoon Network schedule page.

Original E-Commerce Mockup

For study purpose. Codification of a design of a Clothing Store.


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